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"Just finished my first trip (a 28-hour four-day) with my new Vortex 2 and I must say it's a huge improvement over the bag it replaced, the LuggageWorks Stealth 22. The new bag is lighter, rolls more easily and appears to resist wear and tear better than the other product. I'm very happy with the purchase and will recommend StongBags to my co-workers."
- Paul R, ExpressJet 


" So I would say 'Strong Bags' lives up to its name.  My luggage was in my trunk yesterday and I was rear ended by someone going 50 mph. The trunk didn't collapse as bad on the side my bag was on.  Though it is now permanently attached to the car, everything inside the bag was ok (everything out was not)!"
- Andrew, Delta


"Hey just a heads up! I got my bags!! Absolutely LOVE them and will spread the word about them! And the flight attendant manual with all I it's current updates ..although it's snug.. Still fits in the bottom part of the food bag!! Thanks Again!"
- Susan


"I just wanted to take a minute to provide you w/ some positive feedback on your Canadian Ice Crew Cooler.  I have owned coolers from Travelpro, eBags, and a few others, and yours is BY FAR the most superior I have come across... the lining is second to none, and I do not find myself constantly needing to replenish the ice supply.  I can testify, like others, that it is completely OK to put ice directly in the bag itself...it says it will not leak, and it will NOT"!
– Adam, America West (US Air)


"Just a quick note. I received the food bag very quickly and I LOVE it. If only I had known about your company sooner. I could have saved quite a few $$$$. The insulation is just perfect the best I have seen so far. Waiting to see the new Roller Bag you are creating."
– Liz, Southwest


"I really appreciate the great customer service and I'm very happy with my luggage from Strongbags. I'm a SWA flight attendant I recommend your luggage to everyone I talk to. Thanks Again!!"
– Bernie, Southwest


"Absolutely! You can use my comments on your new website. This is the best luggage I've owned. I really like the side pocket for my laptop: Soooo convenient! I use my rollerbag as a chair when I'm waiting form my airplane. I couldn't do that with my old 'plastic-sided' bag. No more trips to the luggage repair shop. I can just order the parts from your website (not that I expect to do that soon) and do it myself: a real money-saver. I love my Strongbag Roller! Thanks again."
– Rich, American


"Finally, a cooler bag that is absolutely PERFECT! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I liked my ebags cooler, but I LOVE my Strongbags cooler!"
– Alyssa, Delta


"Wow! I didn't expect to get what I did for the price. I knew I was going to be spending more for my Vortex 2, and it was well worth every penny. Thank you!"
– Jennifer, Airtran


"This is top notch customer service. You have got my business!"
– Bill, Southwest


"You guys are amazing. This is the best purchase/experience I have ever encountered over the internet. The frequency of communication and level of detail is superior."
– George, Southwest


"I ordered your cooler bag not too long ago and having used eBags and a few others, the Canadian Ice Cooler is simply the best one I've come across. It's a great product and thanks a million."
– Chance, Chautauqua


"Thanks for the speedy delivery. I've been using the same Pretty Meat Stuff bag for 10 years and it was no longer repairable. So when I came across Strong Bags in my research I thought it was time for something new. Even before I've taken a trip with the Vortex 2, I was really impressed with it. The interior space seems much bigger compared to my old Luggage Works bag"
– Jerry, Omni Air Intl.


"I purchased a food bag when the line was first introduced. I love my bag and have been using it for years. It versatile, sturdy and well made. I can pack an unbelievable amount of "stuff" in this bag along with my food. The top zippered section is great for my Kindle, apron and air freshener. Then I add my cell phone to the side pocket where I have easy access. Food goes in the main compartment. Overall this is a great bag and I love everything about it"
– Lynette, Southwest


"I've had your product for almost four years now (I think I bought the very first one when they debuted) and its been great. I love all the pockets which really helps keep stuff organized. Thanks for making these available for us."
– Lysa, Southwest


"I have 2 of your StrongBags coolers, and will happily vouch for your company. Thanks for making a great product!"
– Monica, Southwest


"Great build and great basic design. My roller doesn't look like the general publics travel bag. Less chance to be hauled out of the over head bin while I'm not looking. As a 17 year flight attendant I have always carried a food bag. I've had them from Target to eBags, and then some. I'm tough on them so I've had a few. This is by far the best I've ever had. Size and strength, a large area for dry and cold... perfect space. Plus room for all the other stuff you want easy access to in all the extra pockets while in-flight. By extremely over muscling my bag on a curb I broke the lock on my handle. Being use to having to send my bag in for a fix and go through all the shipping costs other companies charge you. Strongbags doesn't do that. I called to replace my broken handle (my fault) and a new handle was at my front door in two days. Easy instructions and ready for me to remove and install in 20 minutes. Sorry this is so long but I cant say enough about these bags. Really grateful! Thank you. Keep up the great work. "
– Todd, Southwest


"My Strongbags roller bag is the perfect balance of durability, weight and size. It fits better in a classic 737 than the competition and yet holds more at a price you can't beat. I plan to be a repeat customer!"
– Kurt, Southwest


"I've used another brand of cooler bag in the past, but the Strongbags Canadian Ice Flight Cooler is the clear winner. Trying to eat healthier on the road is simple when you have a well-built cooler like this. And Strongbags Customer Service is by far the best in the industry"
– Mike, Airtran


"Best bag I have owned in over 12 years of airline flying and commuting. This bag is custom fit for the 737 and is tough as nails! Customer support at Strongbags is top notch as well!"
– Brad, Southwest


"I love the lunchbag. I can pack 3-4 days of food and by using my ice bags keep everything nice and cold. There is tons of storage space for other items. I keep my manual in the bottom pouch along with a couple of cans of Root Beer to drink on the plane. I have the duffel and can pack all of my extra items that I need during my flight for easy access. I finally broke down and bought the Vortex II roller bag. I wish that I had done it earlier. I just love my bag. It has stood up to many miles of rolling through the airport with all my bags on it and no problem with breakdowns by the wheels. It pulls easily even at the first of my trip when my lunchbag is fully loaded. Thanks for making my life easier when I am away from home."
– Danette, Southwest


"I received the food bag so quickly after I ordered and I LOVE it. If only I had known about your company sooner. I could have saved quite a few $$$$. The insulation keeps everything cold all day & is just perfect! The best I have seen so far."
– Liz, Southwest


"I'm so glad I found this bag! (Canadian Ice Crew Cooler). It is so much better than my ebag cooler ever was! Thanks again!"
– Mark, Southwest


"I had ordered two of the Flight Crew Cooler Bags (one for me and the other for my wife) but only one was shipped. Your quick response to the situation was amazing! I just wanted to let you know that FedEx delivered the second bag just a few minutes ago, only six days (with a holiday weekend in there, to boot!) after I notified you of the problem! That's awesome customer service! Also, using the first bag on the road this past weekend proved to be a great experience! You, Sir, have won a loyal customer! I will recommend your products and your Company to all of my fellow Flight Attendant and Pilot co-workers! Thanks so much Strongbags!"
- M.M. Southwest