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Canadian Ice Flight Crew Cooler



We have the Strongest, Coolest, Cooler on the market for flight crews...PERIOD!

We use only the best zippers, insulation, material, & most importantly...only the best liner!

*** New Update *** We have made the top pocket large enough to fit an iPad with Pivot Case that must measure less than or equal to 7" x 9.5" along with a Telex 850 Headset with room for a regular sized phone and other small items.  If you have the Bose A20 or other larger headset case, we recommend you use our Summit Bag along with the Thermal Cooler insert.  This bag will be perfect for you if you need to fit everything in one bag.  

Also, our liner inside has been upgraded and it is now the BEST, most DURABLE liner you will find. You will not find a better liner from our competition.  Please note that the color of the liner on top and bottom is black.


1.  Chill or freeze your food prior to your trip.  This will greatly extend your ice retention.  Ice works harder and melts faster to chill warm food.  It's much easier to keep food chilled and cold rather than exhausting the ice to chill warm contents.

2.  Use our recommended ice bag.  We have tested numerous methods of keeping food chilled for longer periods of time and found that the commonly known headache bags work the best.  Our ice bag is tailored with our cooler bag in mind.  It fits perfectly in our cooler bags, is leakproof, and has a wide mouth to add ice easily.

3.  More is better than less.  Use as much ice as possible.  Keep the air inside the cooler to a minimum as this will add to your ice retention..  Remember that warm air will accelerate the ice melt and diminish the ice much faster.  

4.  Limit access.   Zip the cold storage lid closed right after you take your food contents out.  This will maximize ice retention.  Try to limit access to two or 3 times a day.  This has an enormous effect on your ice retention.

5.  Larger cubes is better than smaller cubes.  There is more scientific cooling power with larger blocks of ice.  The same mass of 1 block of cubed ice vs. smaller chunks or grinded ice will last much longer.

Following these guidelines...Tests show that ice will stay in a solid state for 24-48 hours! (8-12 hours when opening main cold storage area multiple times during this time period)

Nobody does flight crew coolers like we do. Not Luggage Works, Not eBags, Nor Aerocoast, Not Anyone! Buyer Beware when you shop at other retailers that have coolers that look like ours. They are COPIES! LuggageWorks copied many of our features but use lower quality materials and liner.  You may pay less with the other companies when you compare apples to apples, but really it's like comparing our apples to their prunes. You're going to get what you pay for with us, AND more... THAT IS A PROMISE! If you think about it... 90 bucks is a lot - and we know that, but when you break it down, you may pay for the cooler in one 3 day trip by not eating out. It takes no time at all for this cooler, or anything else we manufacture, to pay for itself because our products last! You'll pay a bit more with us, but that's because we don't skimp on materials, and you're going to receive a superior product that's worth the difference!

Our liner is top notch, the insulation is superior, and the construction is very strong. Plus we use nothing but the best zippers. 

This is the most popular flight crew cooler available due to our attention to quality & detail. We would like to thank all of the pilots and flight attendants who told us what they needed and expected: * The bag will develop condensation on the outside of the bag outside of the cooler in hot and humid weather conditions.

  • "I need a cooler bag with a great liner; not one that will rip."

  • "I need a cooler that keeps food cold longer."

  • "I need a bag that will last"

  • "Add a zipper to the back for an extra pocket"

  • "I would like to see deeper side pockets"

  • "I will definitly buy one if it fits my ipad on top"

All of these requests have been answered!  We have changed and tweaked our coolers to make it easier for you so that you can fit what you need for that 2-4 day trip.  We have also included a couple extra benefits as well.  

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  • Waterproof Ultra durable Cordura Ballistic Nylon fabric from Invista, a USA company. (We actually use this material on all of our bags). It's not Cordura unless it's tagged!
  • Expandable lower pocket for a Flight Attendant manual OR ANYTHING ELSE! It's there if you need it, zip it closed if you don't!
  • Extra large main insulated food/tote compartment. This main compartment is larger than most cooler bags which works to keep ALL your food fresh.
  • Looks like a nice bag, not a boxy cooler
  • Inside dimensions of cold storage compartment is 14"L x 8"W x 7"H and exterior dimensions are 15"L x 8"W x 12"H. There is an expandable bottom pocket that adds 2.5" to the height of the bag when used.
  • Top compartment dimensions are approximately 13.5"L x 7.5"W x 2.5"H
  • Top double zipper "Dry" compartment for magazines, books, phones, plastic forks, etc.
  • 2 zippered side pockets for easy access and extra storage.
  • Easy access front pocket for more of your stuff.
  • Comes with a comfortable padded shoulder strap.
  • Will fit over your luggage handle. (up to an 8 1/2" wide handle)

Our coolers have the versatility you need. The Canadian Ice Cooler has the perfect balance between cold storage space and convenient pockets. This bag will pay for itself in no time at all. If you're looking to max out the cold storage area, and don't mind having not as many pockets, go for our Glacier Flight Crew Cooler. Remember...Buying quality is always a good decision.

 *Liner is not covered under the warranty. We do have a strong, very high quality liner, that is highly puncture resistant, but not puncture proof. Please do not put your can opener in the main pocket, or any other sharp items that may cause a small hole.  Liner color is black.  This is the newest version, and the toughest

Additional Info

Additional Info

Size 15"W x 12"H x 8"D
Weight 3 LBS
Material Cordura Ballistic Nylon
Warranty 1 Year*


Customer Reviews (15)

Love this Bag!Review by Shirley
I love love love this bag. I should get some payback for ALL the bags I have basically sold for this company!!! Lol just recently a Delta Flight Attendant stopped me & once again I showed her ALL the compartments & she wrote down the info... It does get heavy 1st day of a 4 day trip with ice & Manual... But wouldn't trade it for anything!!!! (Posted on 7/11/2013)
Excellent bag. Highly recommendReview by MY
Quality bag. Spacious. I use the top for books/magazines. The bottom for inflight shoes. And the cooler fits enough food for a 4 day trip easily. Lining definitely keeps your food cold. I pack a ice pack from home and food is still cold 24hrs.
Love this bag. Highly recommend! (Posted on 7/6/2013)
Keeping it coolReview by Jerseysue
My ice melted after about 6 hours. What am I doing wrong????

Strongbags Reply - We do offer one of the best coolers on the market for all its worth. The liner and insulation will work as advertised as long as you follow some basic rules.

Here are some pointers...

1. Put a layer of ice on the bottom, and the coldest pack or more ice on the top. The top layer will melt faster than the bottom layer, but the food between is what is important.
2. Keep your cooler zipper closed as much as possible - get your food and zip the lid closed, not just flipped closed. This will be the biggest factor in keeping your ice in a solid state longer.
3. Always keep the ice in a leak proof container.
4. The larger the ice chunks, the longer you'll have ice.

Thank you for your comment. Hope this helps!

Fly Safe!

(Posted on 6/24/2013)
iPad and 'lil skillet Review by jinx
I purchased this bag based on the fact that it would hold my iPad in the top pocket, eliminating the need for an extra carry on. The iPad by itself fits but not with the case on. Although the 'lil skillet does fit leaving room in my carry on bag for my iPad. (Posted on 5/20/2013)
feature request.Review by Tom
I noticed on an upcoming bag noticed a feature that would be great for this bag. "Back fabric slot with zipper for placing over luggage handle. If you don't need this option, you may zip closed to allow quick easy storage of a book or magazines" Is this something that could possibly be added to this bag?

Strongbags reply

Tom, This feature has been there for about a year now. Thank you all for your suggestions on making our bags the preferred bags!

Strongbags (Posted on 4/7/2013)
Ipad/Bose quiet comfort 15Review by Josh
Wondering if this cooler will fit an ipad and Bose headphones quiet comfort 15? If so I will buy it tomorrow.

Strongbags Reply:

Josh, The Canadian Ice Cooler top pocket fits an ipad or the QC15's, but not both. Tested with an ipad 4 in a griffin survivor case. (Posted on 2/28/2013)
Will this fit a 13inch macbook/iPad?Review by Dan
I have seen this in person and it looks great. I was wondering if you could fit a 13inch macbbok pro in the pocket below the cooler?


StrongBags Support Answer - The top and bottom pockets will fit an iPad, although we don't recommend keeping electronic items underneath the cooler portion in case liner is punctured, or due to possible "sweating" in high temperature/humidity environments.

Thank you for your question! (Posted on 7/28/2012)
BUY THIS COOLER NOW!!!Review by FA jimmy
This bag will pay for it self in on 4 day trip! does not leak. keeps food cold/fresh. i packed enough food to last a 4 day trip and didn't spend 1 cent on at the airport/resturants!! love this bag! LOVE,LOVE, LOVE IT!!!! (Posted on 7/10/2012)
Very Nice CoolerReview by DR/Capt
Holds more than I thought it would. However, it would have been nice to have left the name tag sewn in on the back. I can see problems with the name tag holder on the chain.

Strongbags Support Answer - We made the change to a metal name tag that is removable. After time the sewn name tag did not satisfy our durability standards.

Thank you for your purchase! (Posted on 6/13/2012)
Almost perfect!Review by Melody
This is also my favorite food bag! The double strap placement is sensible, because it doesn't tip when I pick it up with the food compartment unzipped - as the ebag will. It holds most of my food for a 3-day trip.

I bought a hard liner bin from the dollar store which fits it perfectly. I prefer more stability. I wonder about a sturdy metal attachment bar on the top rear of the bag. This would allow us to attach it to our luggage using our luggage strap. I prefer a lower center of gravity. Many of us are bringing a cart-load of food on our trips, so this bag can become VERY heavy. The metal bar-attachment would keep the bag from swinging when using a luggage strap.

I also suggest a version without the bottom "manual" pocket. It adds to the weight and, more importantly, the height of the bag. I don't use this pocket and never will. Some do, some don't. I would love to see a version without this "feature".

Thank you for producing a quality food bag. I look forward to seeing it on the Amazon shopping site.

StrongBags Support Answer - when considering a metal bar, either outside the fabric or within the bag will tend to erode the material over time, especially on the metal corners, which will limit the durability of the product. A good idea, but would eventually cause a problem.

We are looking at making the same bag without a bottom pocket.

We should also be on Amazon soon! We are in the "Approval" process.
(Posted on 6/12/2012)
Amazon?Review by k
Why don't you sell these on Amazon? I would love to use my credit!

Strongbags reply - We will be on Amazon soon. Look for us on Amazon by summer! (Posted on 3/7/2012)
Outstanding!!Review by EL
I pack 4 days worth of food in this cooler and it stays cold and fresh. My ONLY suggestion is that the mesh pocket could be a little larger to hold my insulated coffee cup. It fits in there, but falls out. I've had it about a year and it's holding up great.

- Strongbags Reply - Thank you for your great comments! We are always looking to improve on our products. Some cups with smooth plastic sides may slip. The side pocket was designed for bottled water or other drinks found at the airport. (Posted on 3/4/2012)
Going through SecurityReview by Chris
The Ice is put right INTO the bag? Since this is a " Flight Bag Cooler". Would it be allowed to go through security screening WITH the ice? You know how picky they are with " liquids under 100 ml" ...

Strongbags Response: I don't think it would be an issue since ice is not a liquid...yet. We haven't had anyone say that they have had difficulty. Ice does stay in a solid state all day with this cooler (Posted on 10/28/2011)
Drainage SpoutReview by lil dibbie
Great Bag!!! I wish it had a spout to drain the water from the bottom of the bag ...just an idea to make draining the water from the bag easier.

Reply by Strongbags: Good suggestion, but almost impossible to manufacture with a spout. Tipping the bag to drain the water will not hurt the fabric. (Posted on 10/14/2011)
Awesome, money well spent!Review by RPA/FA
I've owned this for over a year now, still looks brand new. Well constructed, very durable. It has paid for itself over and over again. I recommended it to a few people who purchased one and they are extremely happy with it as well. Outstanding customer service from ordering to delivery, they keep you in the loop. Will be ordering from them again! Keep up the good work!!!! (Posted on 6/8/2011)

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